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Creating Your Gallery Wall

Wall Gallery displays have become a very popular way to show off one’s photography or artwork Whether it’s big, small or somewhere in between, creating a gallery with your favorite prints and
art pieces can instantly elevate the style of any space.

Before you put those holes in the wall it is important to know how to set it up to make sure it’s going to look fabulous and I am going to show you how.  I will also review some of what I feel
are the rules when choosing your wall art and your frames.

I like to plan, so this is very important, before you start let’s make a plan. You need to choose at least one of the three things I am going to review today to be a common thread throughout the entire gallery wall to make it cohesive and make it work.


For more detail click here to watch my video

  1. Choose a Theme

img_1909 img_1914

This is my clients front foyer, in here we decided choose their family photos as the theme. These are all photos of their wedding or of their trips so the theme of family is running throughout this particular Gallery of Art.

  1. Use frames that are either similar in colour, size or both
  1. Use all the same frames

clairekeep12        clairekeep2

This is my living room, in our happy home in Burlington,Ontario. The frames are from Ikea,
all the same colour. Then I decided to include a mat, the same colour as the walls. Another
option is to choose all different styles of frames but keep the mat colour consistent.

Plan the layout

Before you put a hole in the wall, this can be really tricky, what you need to do is to measure
out the space. Let’s say your gallery  is going above a couch you don’t want it to exceed the
actual width of the couch. This can be done two ways; using a 3D program,very popular in
Interior Design, as you can see here in this clients rendering to plan out their gallery wall in
their dining room.


Or, you could measure the layout of the space on the floor and figure out exactly
what it’s going to look like within your measurement of that allotted area. Then use your frames and
sporadically arrange them within the space. Usually starting with the largest one is easiest until you reach your   desired look.

You can do an asymmetrical or symmetrical design. Be sure that there is enough space in between each frame and that they’re still close enough to be ‘relating’ to one another.  If you do it one of these two ways, you shouldn’t be putting a hole in the wall where it doesn’t need to be!

Have you done a Gallery Wall in your home or in a clients home design?  Comment below and let us know how it turned out!

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