Creating Contrast Designs


Open communication allows us to build long lasting relationships with clients that is based on trust and a mutual respect for one another. This is what we value most.


Q – How much input would I have on the design plans? 

Your input is invaluable!  Ultimately, you are the one living in the space, so it has to be inspired by elements that YOU love.  Our goal is to design your home so it functions as you need, for your lifestyle.  

We share our expertise & knowledge to ensure all finishes & furnishings provide balance; flow beautifully within your space and that the colour palette is harmonious throughout your entire home. Good design is not an accident, it comes from years of experience & open communication throughout the entire process.

Q – Do I need a 3D Design Plan?  

It has been our experience that when you have a comprehensive plan, not only is it hugely beneficial to you as the home owner to be able to visualise our design concepts, but the drawings also allow the contractor and trades involved to clearly understand the overall vision.

With these detailed plans and 3D renderings, we have found that it simplifies the entire process & ensures everyone is on the ‘same page’ so there are no suprises.  It minimizes change orders during the renovation & we are able to address any questions or concerns in the early stages which is key to saving time and money once construction or decorating is underway.

Q – I usually rely on trades to give me free advice, isn’t this good enough?

This ‘free advice’ can sometimes be the most costly.  Our trades prefer to be advised of the selected products for the design rather than being responsible for choosing the actual finishes. Each professional has their own area of expertise, just as I wouldn’t install potlights, our electrician doesn’t want to be the one choosing your light fixtures!

Or if your lucky, you might get the ‘leftovers’ from another job where too much of one material was ordered and needs to be used up.  Don’t settle for leftovers, you and your home are worth so much more!

Q – Hiring a design professional is expensive, it’s a luxury, right?

“If you think hiring a professional is expensive, try hiring an amateur”.  -Red Adair – 

We have seen the disastrous results and heard the heartache in many homeowners voices after receiving bad design advice or trying to go it alone to save money.  Clients tell us that investing in our services is money well spent.  Contact us for references and they will tell you too.

Q – Do I have to buy everything through your design retailers or can we shop anywhere?

When shopping for furnishings and fabrics, we work closely with our trusted suppliers and local decorating centre. The time in which it takes us to navigate our own suppliers products is minimised because we know exactly where to look based on your preferred design style and investment amount.

Because we stand by all of the products we bring into your home, we will only work with manufacturers who offer excellent support, outstanding customer service and follow up care that is second to none.

Ready to ‘Love Where You Live’? Contact us here & let’s do this!

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